Stock pick for year 2017

Stock pick for 2017, MCX India Ltd..

Rationale :

1. Largest listed Indian commodity index.

2. Possibility of favourable option trading norms by SEBI in coming weeks.

3. Listing of BSE a sentiment booster which can potentially lift share price .

4. Positive announcements in union budget 2017-18 to encourage farmers hedge positions through use of commodity derivatives.

Opinion :

Greetings !! 

Today was the last trading session of Indian markets. 2017 seems to be less of a challenge & investors can expect indian equities to outperform & end on a rather higher positive note.

Wishing you a fundamentally backed, technically indicated & sentimentality boosted, prosperous 2017.

Disclaimer : Notwithstanding any opinions my views are speculative in nature which bares me to be a guarantor of 100 % accuracy with regards to future trend prediction & pricing targets.


Published by

Yash Dave

A student of Charted Financial Analyst (USA) & MBA Finance. My interests are mainly in the field of equity research. Keep updated for further research material.

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